Speakers from Ignite Culture Guelph at Innovation Guelph, June 21, 2012

Ignite Hosts - Lynn Broughton  and Kyle Mackie
(@downtownlynn and @kylemackie

Angela Blackstone -  “Couldn’t you just buy the socks?” –Why Knitting is So Much More Than Sticks and String
Angela Blackstone wishes she could clone herself so that she could do all the things she wants to be able to do. As it is, she loves anything to do with fibre arts, tea, and cats, and should really stay home more often.


Danny Williamson - Do something
By day, Danny Williamson is a mild-mannered account rep at a local marketing agency. By night and the occasional long weekend, he aspires to be many things - including a writer. He is the creator of the Four- Sentence Story Project.


Karen Kew - Reframing Visibility
Thinking through cultural diversity as Guelph becomes an increasingly multicultural and multiracial community. How to to reframe culture to move beyond the ethno-cultural and provide immigrant youth in particular a means to envision and define themselves within the 'mainstream' without losing connection to their respective motherlands/mothertongues. The talk will highlight youth programs at Immigrant Services.

Immigrant Services: http://www.is-gw.ca/

Matthew Dryden - title tbd
Matthew is involved with Guelph Spoken Word and Guelph Poetry Slam. Secret sources have informed us that he may also like long walks on the beach. When asked to provide a bio, Dryden dryly replied “Just tell them my name, no one cares about the rest of it.”

Guelph Spoken Word: http://guelphspokenword.com/

Ron East - Creating Theatre Space in Downtown Guelph
Ron East is a producer, director, choreographer and playwright with thirty years in the professionaltheatre. Trained in Paris and Toronto, Ron has performed across North America and in Europe. Ron ispresently completing his PhD at the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph.


Owen Goss - Game Development: The Intersection of Creativity and Technology
Owen Goss is an independent game designer and developer. Owen worked for several years as a lead programmer at EA Canada and Disney in Vancouver. In 2008 he founded Streaming Colour Studios to make the kinds of games he loves to play. He now lives and makes games in Guelph.


Susie Pan - The Power of Youth.
Susie Pan is a social entrepreneur, a current student at Queen’s Commerce, and a proud Spartan Centennial CVI graduate. During her four years in high school, Susie was actively involved in the Guelph Youth Council, acting as member, project leader, Director of Communications, and Co-Chair. She also served as the Youth Representative in the Guelph Strategic Master Planning Advisory Council and was named as one of Guelph’s Top 40 Under 40 and is the youth recipient of the Guelph and District Multicultural Award.
Carolyn Riddell – “Recent works”
Riddell currently maintains a printmaking and painting studio in Guelph. Her studio is the home of her art production as well as a shared etching press space and teaching facility. She is a printmaking instructor at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and at the University of Waterloo/Cambridge Library and Gallery joint studio program in Cambridge, Ontario. Her work is presented in public, private and corporate collections in North America and Europe.
Cai Sepulis - The Vitruvian Man and the Distance of the Heart

Cai Sepulis is local commercial artist & creative thinker with a background in philosophy and architecture. With a love for conceptual thinking, Cai will be talking about the idea of place in context of personal scale and how it relates to community.

Tony Thompson – Get Excited and Make Things – The Rise of Hackerspaces
Tony builds websites by day and robots by night. A founding member of DIYode, he has as yet failed to take over the world.